Briquetting Press CUBE 20

the briquetting press for square briquettes

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Briquetting Press Falach 100

Briquetter for cilindrical briquettes in 70 mm

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Briquetting Press Falach 30

Briquetter for cilindrical briquettes in 50 mm

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Briquetting Press Falach 50

Briquetter for cilindrical briquettes in 50 mm

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Falach Briquetting Presses and Briquetting Machines

Our Falach briquetting presses are designed for woodworking companies to process the resulting sawdust and wood shavings into dimensionally stable briquettes. The unique pressing system with hardened press punch and chrome-plated briquette outlet guarantee a long service life of our briquetting presses. 

The briquette quality can be easily changed by adjusting the pressing pressure. The pressing plant which is equipped with lever transmission in combination with sequence valves (legally patented and registered) makes maximum use of the energy used for the pressing process. Our presses are built with components from renowned manufacturers. 

In our large demonstration show room various briquetting presses are available for extensive testing with your material.

We are looking forward to receving your call to make an appointment with us.

Briquetting Press Tyep CUBE

Briquette-Shape: square, 30 x 30 mm Motor: 2,2 kW Performance: appr. 10 - 30 kg/h

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Briquetting Press Falach 30 - 100

Briquette-Shape: cylindrical, diameter: 50 and 70 mm Motor: 4 - 11 kW Performance: appr. 25 - 120 kg/h

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